Choosing a climate-conscious future

Climate change has been touted as one of the most concerning issues of the ongoing century.

Scientists agree that human intervention in Earth’s natural processes has altered both the scope and speed of climate change, which is endangering both human survival and natural wildlife.

Humans are dependent on natural resources but only a fraction of the Earth’s citizens can afford to adapt to the changes that are expected to occur. It is generally agreed that the cost of mitigating climate change is far inferior to the cost of adapting to the consequences.

Current science cannot predict the extent or magnitude of these consequences, but they are, nevertheless, inevitable. According to the precautionary principle, we should be acting yesterday.

Which is where Greenline Package wants to help.

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The application grades the entire life cycle greenhouse gas emissions depending on your paperboard package order and provides an unique ecolabel online.

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why use it?

Increase the environmental credibility of your paperboard products. All approved labels become live online and include in-depth data. Data is shown by scanning the QR code of the label with your phone.
Upon accessing the label, it provides an overview of the greenhouse gas emissions of the order.

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